Mariner Safety Training

The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association provides safety and survival training for mariners engaged in commercial and non-commercial activities on the water. Taught by experienced mariners, AMSEA's hands-on training provides mariners with the skills needed to respond to onboard emergencies and survive. AMSEA's instructor network reaches all U.S. coasts and the Great Lakes. They have instructors available to teach a workshop near you.

AMSEA provides Fishing Vessel Drill Conductor classes and other safety training at reduced cost to commercial fishermen working on every U.S. coast. This important work has helped to reduce commercial fishing fatalities by 39%. 
Since 1985, more than 20,000 U.S. commercial fishermen have gotten AMSEA training at reduced or no cost. In the past year alone, AMSEA trained instructors have taught:
  • Marine safety skills to more than 2,700 commercial fishermen and seafood processors;
  • Cold-water safety & survival skills to over 1,900 school children;
  • Trained 51 new marine safety instructors;
  • In 72 communities, in 21 states and U.S. territories.
They often hear from commercial fishermen who tell them that their training made the difference in managing or preventing an emergency at sea. Here a couple of recent comments:
"[T]he training I received...was absolutely critical to the positive outcome we had that night...we knew what to do, without having to think about what to do, before doing it."
"It was like we were on automatic...Everybody knew what to do and just did it."
In fact, over 170 AMSEA trained commercial fishermen have survived emergencies at sea. Studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health have shown that AMSEA training increased survivability by 150%. 
For information about current courses, go to their website: